Froning & Friends EP. 70

GOOD AUDIO UNTIL 37 MINUTES - BATTERY ON LAPTOP DIES, SORRY! Michael Chandler Jr. is an American mixed martial artist fighting in the lightweight division of Bellator MMA, where he is a three-time Bellator Lightweight World Champion. He was also rated by as the #1 greatest fighter in Bellator history as of December 12, 2018. He holds notable victories over former UFC Lightweight Champions Benson Henderson and Eddie Alvarez.


2:55:  Young athletes in MMA
5:25 Introduction of Michael; Mike talks about how he got into MMA
8:30  Swimming and struggles for new swimmers
10:30  Failure and handling adversity
14:00  Purpose outside of sport
18:20  Rich’s competitive nature
20:30  The story of Rich almost throwing out his gold medals
22:40  Mike’s perspective of CrossFit
25:00  CrossFitters as athletes
26:00  Specialization
29:30  Competing after having a family
30:30  Mike attempts a muscle-up
33:20  Advice to someone young
36:05  Adoption
43:45  How being a father has made you a better person
54:30  Battling perfection
56:30  Mike’s closing advice to others
58:45  How to find out more about Mike